Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Program in Water Research at 
Colorado State University

Project Summaries - Summer 2002

Cross-Site Studies of Riparian Vegetation and Effects on Stream Benthic Food Webs

The Effect of Detention Facilities and BMPs on the Flow-Duration Curves for Urbanizing Areas

Flight behavior of alpine stream insects under varying weather conditions

Effects of Sampler Mesh Size on Metrics used to Assess Water Quality using Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities

Ecological effects of streamflow diversions in Colorado algal community responses

Effects of Burned-area Rehabilitation Treatments on Runoff and Erosion

Measurement of Post-fire Runoff and Erosion Using a Rainfall Simulator

Drainage Water Quality/Salinity Control Strategies in the lower Arkansas River Valley, Colorado

The effects of light intensity and/or temperature on the jumping ability of juvenile brook trout.

F.E. Warren e-barrier Field Demonstration

Downstream hydraulic geometry of the Chena drainage basin, Alaska

Flow hydraulics of step-pool channels

Downstream adjustments in mountain channel geometry

Monitoring and Modeling Irrigation-Induced Salinity and Waterlogging in the Stream-Aquifer System of the Lower Arkansas River Basin, Colorado

Riparian habitat use by a federally listed species the Preble's meadow jumping mouse