Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Program in Water Research at
Colorado State University


Program Expectations

Before submitting, please read the following form and  fill out the required information.


REU Scholars are expected to:


I. Complete an independent research project under the guidance of your faculty advisor.

A. Prepare a short written proposal and present it orally on day 3 of the program.

    Turn in proposal at June 6 meeting

B. Meet regularly with your advisor or members of the research group, as directed.

C. Work judiciously on necessary data acquisition and interpretation.

D. Prepare an abstract of your research results. Submit your abstract on-line no later 

    than July 23.

E. Prepare a written report of the outcome of your research. Submit your report on-line 

    no later than July 25.

F. Present your research findings in the form of a poster at the closing REU Symposium.

    Submit your report on-line no later than July 25.

G. Mount poster for closing REU Symposium before 10 a.m., July 25.

II. Attend field trips, seminars, and workshops.

III. Maintain contact with REU program during subsequent academic year for follow-up.


Required Submissions for Project (All submissions must be done on-line)


REU Scholar Advisor
Brief proposal (6/6) Estimated budget (6/6) 
One-page abstract of final report (7/23) Final evaluation (7/25)
Final written report (7/25)
Poster presentation (7/25)



REU Faculty Mentors are expected to:


I.    Meet regularly with REU scholar to provide guidance, direction, and support during the summer.

A. Help to identify and narrow research topic

B. Provide direction with literature review

C. Assure that methods for data collection and analysis are understood

D. Assure that required materials or equipment are available

E. Challenge the REU scholar to think critically about the research process and results

F. Provide direction and constructive criticism during preparation of report and poster

II.     Ensure that the REU scholar has an alternate contact when you are unavailable.

III.    Attend the closing REU Symposium; encourage others in your research group to attend.

IV.    Assist in the acculturation of the REU scholar into your discipline; advise student on

        opportunities for graduate school and/or careers.

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Jorge A. Ramirez
Colorado State University
Last revised: November 29, 2002