Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Program in Water Research at 
Colorado State University

Mentor Information

Name Tom Sale

Title Assitant Professor (Research)

Department Civil Engineering

Work Phone 970-491-8413

FAX 970-491-8224

e-mail TSale@Lamar.ColoState.Edu

Project Title F.E. Warren e-barrier Field Demonstration

Project Abstract Recent research conducted at Colorado State University has demonstrated that common groundwater contaminants can be treated using flow through electrolytic reactors (e-barriers). Building on the concept of an insitu permeable reactive barrier (PRB), closely space permeable electrodes are installed transverse to flow in a porous media. Promising aspects of the technology include treatment via sequential oxidation-reduction, low energy costs (e.g. US $0.01/day), and removal of insitu scale via periodic reversal of electrode charge.

During the summer of 2002 a field-scale e-barrier demonstration will be conducted at F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Associated activities will include assistance with installation, construction of performance monitoring systems, collection of field data, management of data, and interpretation of results. Through the work the student will gain skills in fieldwork, data analysis, and reporting. Furthermore, the student will gain insights regarding redox reactions and the efficacy of driving insitu redox reactions via electrolytic processes.