Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Program in Water Research at 
Colorado State University

Mentor Information

Name Ellen Wohl

Title Professor of Geology

Department Earth Resources

Work Phone 5298

FAX 6307


Project Title Flow hydraulics of step-pool channels

Project Abstract Andrew will be using a 3d Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter to make detailed measurements of flow hydraulics along step-pool mountain channels. These data, in combination with detailed channel surveys, will be used to explore correlations among velocity, turbulence, flow resistance, and potential controls such as channel geometry, gradient, and stage. Andrew successfully supervised an REU student during phase one of this research (summer 2001), which focused on field work in the Fraser Experimental Forest. This summer he will be extending the field work to additional channels in the Rocky Mountain West, and will be gone for 3-4 periods of 1-2 weeks each.